Pestat contracted by Rural Industries R&D Corporation to provide management services for projects on

  • value-adding to Australian honey, and
  • preparing a bid for a CRC for the Australian honey and pollination-dependent industries.

US Department of Agriculture Research Station

United States Dept. Of Agriculture Research Station, Hilo, Hawaii

US Dept agriculture staff

David Dall and Chris Buller meet with US Dept of Agriculture staff, Fort Collins


Pestat contracted by Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry to supply Secretariat services to Vertebrate Pests Committee & National Coordinator for the Australian Pest Animal Strategy.

Application submitted to the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority for registration of HopStop.

Support from Australian Pest Animal Management Program for a collaborative project with NSW DECC and University of Western Sydney for ‘Management of Fox Impacts on Agriculture’ project’.

Successful field trials of HopStop undertaken in Florida and Hawaii, USA.



First shipment of FeralMone® cans exported to BlueSky Telemetry for sale in the United Kingdom and European Union.

Support from ACT Government (Technology Commercialisation Program) to assist commercialisation of HopStop.

Support from AusIndustry (Commercial Ready Plus Program), to assist in commercialisation of HopStop.

hopstop toad in tank


HopStop successfully tested in laboratory trials in the USA on cane toads. Cane toads are prevalent in Florida and Hawaii.

HopStop pilot production

First pilot production of HopStop®

'Stop The Hop' - Pestat announces the development of a lethal cane toad spray, HopStop®, intended for domestic use.

Ricky Spencer trialling HopStop

Ricky Spencer trialling HopStop®, April 2007

Pestat commences field trials of its cane toad control product in North Queensland.

laboratory trials for Cane toad control


Laboratory trials continue on the development of a cane toad control spray.

feralmone cans


Laboratory tests commence on development of methods for control of cane toads in household situations.

FeralMone® aerosol fox and wild dog lure released onto the Australian market.



Pestat signs Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at the National Wildlife Research Centre, Colorado. The Memorandum establishes a formal basis for cooperation and data-sharing between the two parties.